Self Service and Mojave


It appears that Self Service and Mojave don't like each other at present.
It's slow to load and then you cant click on anything.


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Yeah its not playing nice with Jamf Remote either but i guess it is in beta so can't expect much to work at this stage

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Same issue for me.
It's a MacOS's beta version. We'll wait for a new version of Jamf Pro.
We can hope this update get out soon. :-)

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Wait. Wat. Jamf Pro doesn't support Mojave yet!? #ducking



How much it is to be on the cutting edge...

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I certainly had no expectations of any pieces of Jamf Pro working with Mojave yet, however, I did spin up a test box to kick the tires and ran into this issue myself. I found a way to get around this issue on a Jamf Pro 10.4.0 instance that could work for you:
Launch Self Service on the Mac running Mojave, click View > Enter Full Screen in the menubar, then click View > Exit Full Screen, and then everything is clickable. YMMV.
With that said, even just getting a Mojave client connected to any existing release of Jamf Pro is gonna be 100% unsupported for the time being, so it would not be a good idea to try anything in your production environment. Also, make sure to tread lightly when talking about anything that Apple has not made public knowledge regarding their beta releases - gotta abide by those NDAs.

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Worked for me, thanks Jason!

Running 10.14 Beta with Jamf Pro 10.5.

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My guess is the new dark mode/light mode support needs to be built into the SS app. Until then I'd consider it unsupported.

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Is the current PKG that run s on with Sierra ready to go with Mojave?

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I can confirm Jason's trick works. Thanks Jason.


Running Jamf Pro 10.6 and 10.14 (18A347e) - Still have to do the Full Screen -> Not Full Screen for Self Service to work.

Policy upgrade from High Sierra went smoothly though - thankfully.

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You can also open up self service through a browser and it should work normally without needing to go full screen

Open a browser and paste "selfservice://" in the URL bar

Currently using Jamf Pro 10.5 and 10.14 Beta (18A365a) but it has been working for me on older versions as well.

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Just wanted to start by saying Thank you Jason your trick worked
As for as policies Im triggering them 1 by 1 and it seems they are working.
But when i try to install .PKG files I don't believe they run.
Any thoughts

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Perfection!!! I agree with emily, it's the Dark mode that is getting in the way.

As for ronhun1, not seeing the PKG issue as mentioned, at least not yet.

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Jamf Pro 10.7 is out... and has resolved the 'Mojave/Self Service" issue.