Self Service and VPP Apps in Pending

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We currently have a wide spread issue in my school district where if a device is set up, Self Service will not install.

Once self service installs (randomly, we have to wait anywhere between 8 hours to a few days), we attempt to install apps and it's stuck in pending.

Self Service and Apps all have the message "Pending - All licenses are in use or the license is not assigned yet."

Going into VPP, all apps have a few thousand licenses available including self service.

  • VPP Token is up to date.
  • On JAMF Pro 10.32.2
  • Refreshing VPP does not resolve issue. 
  • Issue has been present for a week now.

Anybody have an idea on what could cause this or is anyone else having the same issue? JAMF support got back to us Wednesday and said nothing was wrong with our instance and said they would look through VPP logs. Apple VPP status hasn't been down during the issues, if it has been, it's been a sliver of the time the issue has been present.


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@jakobi-wan We had a similar issue. Not with Self Service, but with Apple specific apps (Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie, etc). The issue for us was a Config Profile with a Proxy payload configured. It worked when we removed the Proxy payload. It's a Jamf known issue, that they're still working on.

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We have the same problem. As workaround we send a remote command to the device called "empty push notification". After that, the installation starts immediately. Not pretty but helpful. Only iPad devices are affected.