Self Service App on iOS 8


Wondering if anyone else is having issues deploying the Self Service app via Casper using the managed app configuration?

I am currently testing deployment via the following method:

When the app is deployed, it will start and configure fine, but when the iPad does it's next inventory update, I can see in the log that it says "App no longer exists" and then removes the Self Service App.

We are looking at changing to the App over the Webclip in the coming holidays and need to test it before we push it out to all our client devices.



I had a problem where the app installed and was then removed. It then installed it again, and removed it, and so on and so on. That was when using the automatic installation setting in Management Settings.

Following the guide in yout link fixed it for me. A previous version of the linked page contained an error though.

Is "Make app managed when possble" enabled?

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If my people are currently using the self service web clip, when I change the app to manually install, will it remove the web clip from everyone? My installation keeps disappearing, even going into the app store and signing in and downloading the app does not work.

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anne.benson check out this link:

The only issue is if you send the app this way, it won't remove the Web Clip from the person downloading the app either.