Self Service - Custom Categories and Documentation

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Hi there,


I cant find any documentation on this but is there any possibility of hosting documentation/videos in custom categories in self service? Other than having to script a download of documentation to home screen. 


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Do you have a web presence? If so, you could put your documentation and videos on that web site with custom URLs for each item.

Create a custom category called How To? etc. under Global Management.

Create a policy that points to those locations including a "Files and Processes" item and enter the commands below into the "Execute Command" section. When a user clicks the SS button, those web pages will pop up.

$3 open https://www.weburl/documentation

$3 open https://www.weburl/videos

You could name the Self Service item with a question like "How do I reset my password" and then name the button "Answer".  When the end user clicks the answer button, they'll be directed to the web page with the documentation or video. 

You could also put this behind a self service login if you want to create solution documentation or videos specifically for your techs by scoping to users and adding a scope limitation to the group you'd want to access those items.


Hope this helps!