Self Service Dock Icon Update

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Hello everyone. I am new here and new to JAMF but I am trying to learn quickly.

My question is we have some 20 users deployed with the stock Self Service Icon but we are going to update that icon soon and I wanted to know the best way to get those older users into the new dock icon config. Does this make sense?

I would hate to walk around and remove the app manually then have JAMF push the new file .app file to them. I am sure that I am not the only one that has changed their icon mid stream.



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If the app itself is going to be named the same and be in the same path, such as /Applications/Self, then eventually the app icon in the Dock should refresh, especially after a full reboot or maybe even just a logout/login. If you want to force it to update, you could look at scripting a Self Service icon remove and add with something like dockutil. Dockutil can record the position of an icon. For example:

dockutil --find "Self Service"
Self Service was found in persistent-apps at slot 5 in /Users/username/Library/Preferences/

I have at times scripted recording the dock icon "slot" number in memory. Then doing a remove and adding a replacement app back in the same slot position in the Dock. You may be able to do something similar after pushing your new Self Service app.
Also, I assume you are manually deploying Self Service, rather than letting it download directly from the JSS upon enrollment. I think that would be necessary if branding it, unless there is a way to change the files on the server directly.

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Why not have the policy remove and add back the dock icon? That should force it to update its appearance, albeit at the risk of shifting its position. Otherwise, dockutil[1] is your friend, but would require an additional installation of the tool.

dockutil --add /Applications/Self --replacing 'Self Service'