Self Service - Failed

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We had a massive issue where all Mac's all the sudden stopped working in Self Service. 
When a user tried to run a policy from the SS it would fail after 1-2 sec, we created a support case that ended up taking more than 2 weeks to find the issue. 

We removed all configuration profiles, all policies, and all installed programs - the issue was still there.

Just wanted to make a post about this so if someone else has this issue this might be the solution.

We where using Jamf's JIM a while back, about 8 months ago we closed down that server but forgot to remove the configuration from Jamf Pro. The Self Service issue started about 1 month ago so therefore we didn't connect JIM and the SS problem.
After removing all JIM configuration from our Jamf Pro SS started working again. 

Ticket number: CS0915102