Self Service fails to download packages

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My Self Service fails while packages are being downloaded.
Many times I get the dreaded "item no longer available".
These SS policies have been in place and working for a year.
Sometime this summer is when the problem started.

My Jamf instance is hosted at
Our packages are uploaded to and deployed from
My caching servers are online and operating. My apple push certs are all renewed and valid. The SS policies are failing during the download of packages that are stored on the JSS server.

Is anyone else having this problem or any suggestions?


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What happens when you download the package manually via CLI?

sudo jamf policy -id <id # of policy>

Does it download

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When you see "item no longer available," try disabling the policy and save. Finally, click "enabled" and save. Try Self Service again.

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I've been seeing delays in enrollment and post-enrollment actions since 10.6.
Have to start testing on 10.6.2 as we just updated.
If you wait long enough, all the parts download and it gets managed.

Does the Mac(s) show as unmanaged in the JSS web UI? @plocklin ?

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Do you have the output from jamf.log on a test device that you can share? That message typically shows up when a Mac falls out of scope of the policy, or the connection goes offline. More information would be helpful to point you in a good direction to resolve.

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Issue resolved.

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried modifying, disabling and enabling the policy.
I tried creating new packages with no results.
Then I tried cloning a policy that did work and inserted the package of the policy that did not and - Oh, to my surprise it worked!

I compared the working policy to the non-working where the only difference I could see was the scoping.The affected policies were scoped to a Smart User Group. I discovered if I scoped the affected policies to All Computers or a Smart Computer Group it worked without a problem. To fix the issue I put the needed users in a Smart Computer Group and scoped accordingly.

The odd thing about this problem is my Smart User Group worked fine all last year. An anomaly must have been created with one of the recent updates of Jamf Pro (current version 10.6.0). I checked the logs of the failing policies and the last time they ran successfully was December of last year.