Self Service item to re-apply configuration profile (DEP)

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Anyone know of a way to enable an end user to re-apply an individual config profile through Self Service? The only way I can think of is to remove and then re-add them to the scope of the profile but that seems a little cumbersome..

Use case: sometimes when a keychain gets reset the certs delivered through a config profile are deleted and need to be re-applied.



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Same here, I've always just unscoped them and rescoped them. This has proven to be dangerous in the case of wireless config profiles. There have been two incidents where I clicked "redistribute to all" instead of "redistribute to only newly assigned users", and suddenly I have 150 MacBooks drop off the network. Granted, I can throw up a new open SSID so they have a connection to connect to Jamf, but that makes for a very not fun day.

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If the Certs are being removed you could possibly create a smart group that they fall in and it can all be done automatically. You may have to create your own Extention Attribute for this to work.

Try creating a smart group which recognises machines that dont have these certs or have had the Keychain reset then they drop into that group and have the profile is re applied.