Self Service Mobile without requiring Apple ID

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I have successfully deployed all apps to my iPads EXCEPT the self service app! I have unchecked "require password for all purchases" and purchased tokens for the Self Service mobile app (just in case that was the secret sauce). I did not assign the App to the iPad because I want it to just automatically (and correctly) install on the iPad...

So every x minutes there is a pop up to sign in with your apple ID... 8 |
Any ideas? Thanks in advance! 8 )


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If you weren't already aware of this method, it should help. Just choose VPP to use device based assignments.

You also have to make sure and change the setting below.

Within Settings>Mobile Device Management>Self Service>General, make sure to set the Automatically install Self Service on mobile devices to "Neither (manual installation).

We changed over yesterday to this method and worked like a charm. Hope this helps.


I Strongly recommend if you are using Automatic update app you disable it for the Self Service App. Step 16 in the instructions is vital for the app to communicate with your server. I found out the hard way when the app automatically updates the preference field becomes blank breaking Self Service on all iPads that received the updated app.

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@mradams thank you for posting your experience. I'm quite surprised that App Configurations can't be re-applied, have you reported it to your TAM?

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@cdenesha My understanding is that, similar to settings such as "Remove App when MDM profile is removed," Apps retain the settings they had when they were deployed, and that includes App Configurations. As to why the automatic update wiped out the settings, I only have guesses, nothing very concrete.