Self-Service not available if date and time is wrong

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I'm attempting to solve the problem of non-admins not being able to reset their date and time. I have a script that I've published to self-service that will reset the time for them, and I chose the option to make it available even if self-service is offline.

However, when the date and time is wrong, the computer can't connect to the Jamf Pro server, and that's as far as it will go. It won't actually show me the script that is supposed to be available offline.

Testing steps:

  1. Create offline Jamf policy and publish to self-service
  2. Verify that I can see the policy in self-service under normal circumstances.
  3. Set the date and time to an incorrect value
  4. Open self-service, it won't connect, and I can't see the policy that is supposed to be available.

Am I doing something wrong? How else would the policy be available if self-service won't open when it's disconnected?


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Doesn't solve this problem. But I did as a preventative measure after one remote user got completely locked out of everything.
It worked for me on Catalina computers as well.