Self Service on iOS - Don't want it on lab iPads

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I would like to remove/block Self Service from being installed on my lab iOS devices. I don't want students installing software from within SS, and I don't want to have to modify several hundred apps to not be available for these lab devices.


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You can create a static group and put the specific devices into the static group.

Then go to (Mobile) Devices, Mobile Device Apps, Self Service (or however you have named it), Scope.
Edit the scope, select Exclusions tab and add the static group you have created earlier.

If you have a list of serial numbers in a CSV you can use the MUT tool.
Reference the Static Group ID (from the URL of the static group) and enter that information into MUT.

I suggest you try this out with a test device first.

Good luck.

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@atomczynski So simple a caveman can do it... I didn't even think of looking in there for the app. I will give it a try. Thanks bud!