Self-Service packages failing?

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Anyone else running into this issue?

All of our self-service policies fail to download any packages, yet scripts still kick off no problem. Submitted a support case but wondering if anyone else had a similar issue.


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Are you using the JCDS for package deployment? We saw this same thing following the previous Jamf Cloud update when the JCDS setting in our JSS became unchecked - we had to reselect Jamf Cloud for our cloud distribution and ignore a somewhat ominous dialog about package replacement to get everything relinked.

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Can the packages get deployed in any other way? e.g. via a normal policy scoped to a machine or via Jamf Remote?

What error do you get? There should be some info in the self service policy log for that machine

Can the machines running the self service policy access the distribution point?

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What OS are you using for the clients? Since Self Service on Jamf Pro 10.22 is broken on macOS 10.12 clients. See known issue PI-008504.
Triggering the Policy with sudo jamf policy -event triggername will work however.