Self service portal on personal BYOD devices

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We are looking at auto enrolling our students personal BYOD iPads as personal devices and not institutional ones. We have a number of apps / printers that we want students to be able to install via the self service portal as required. Appears we cant. Are we correct in this assumption as it does appear to completely constrict the benefits of using CASPER in our BYOD environment.



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I've actually run into this as well. I was excited to hear about the new BYOD feature/cost structure. We looked into converting our mobile device inventory from institutional to BYOD (since they are BYODs) and we discovered that if we wanted to distribute apps to them, we would have to push them out to ALL of the BYOD devices as opposed to distributing through self service. For whatever reason, I never got around to posting a feature request so I just did it:

Glad to see I'm not the only one requesting this.


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Same problem here. :(
Why we can't use the self service app on personal used IOS devices?