self service supports HTML

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I don't know if you all were aware of this, but I am downloading open source software and making optional self service installs. I wanted to create links to the license type and to the software's main page so the end user could view them before installing. I just on a whim tried to add the <a href=>project name</a> and it worked. It looks like the self service app is nothing more than a web browser.

Anyone do anything more advanced with this? I can see some cool possibilities of adding in things like this to your self service. I am thinking about linking the AUP to every thing I self service now so the end user knows that everything they download and use is still considered to be subjected by the AUP.

Just an FYI and if you are doing anything cool with self service please share

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We link to FAQ's in WebHelpDesk, Google Maps, and other fun stuff....I have had some things not quite work, but those were probably my fault. Pictures, Movies for instructional purposes....etc