Self Service Web Clip not removing apps from Updates once app is updated in iOS

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I'm having an issue where app updates will not disappear after being installed. A user goes into the Self Service Web Clip and selects an app that is ready to be updated in the Updates tab (iBooks, for example), and after the update is installed and the user exits and goes back into the Self Service Web Clip and the iBooks update is still there. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?



We have the same issue. It is due to the inventory of the device only updating once per day. You will find that if you push a inventory update command it will disappear when it updates.

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The apps still appear even if we do an inventory update.


What apps specifically are you having this issue with?

Ive noticed that on my dev iPad, which I use to test deployment, that the apps report a different version sting as to what I had put into Casper from the metadata file. I changed this to match the string that the app was reporting and it went away and reported it had the current version.

That string changes with every update so it shouldn't be an issue once you have updated.

eg. We have Keynote version 2.2.1 (which is the "bundleShortVersionString" from the metadata) which reports its version using 1264 (which is the "bundleVersion") instead.

Usually you use the bundleShortVersionString as the version number you tell Casper when creating the App policy for self service, but in this case you need to change that to the bundleVersion string. Just hop into one of your devices in inventory and check the version number of the app you're having issues with.

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OK, i have tested the theory and yes it works. a couple questions though:
- one
if the Self Service is actually using bundleVersion (eg 1264) as its detection mechanism for updates then why does adding an app within casper populate the version field with the bundleShortVersion (eg 2.2.1) string???
- two
if i change from bundleShortVersion (eg 2.2.1) over to bundleVersion (eg 1264) in the Version field on the app listing. when the app is again updated (to say bundleVersion 1265) will i then have to modify that field manually to stop this loop, or once its switched over to the appropriate format can it then properly detect the updates being >bundleVersion?

thanks for any light you can shed on this