Send message to tablet users

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I want to send messages to our iPads was enrolled ton JAMF.. It's possible ?

Thank you and sorry for English.



Yes, you can do this through Jamf's Self Service app.

  1. If you are using VPP, follow these instructions to manually install the Self Service app.
  2. Next, choose Mobile Devices > Configuration Profiles and click the " + " button to create a new Configuration Profile.
  3. Complete the information for the General payload.
  4. Add the Notifications payload and add the Self Service Mobile app. Edit the settings for the app to enforce it to receive notifications. 2e94ea0ae148460d9e75b53223d82d18
  5. Save the Configuration Profile and deploy it to your devices.
  6. To send a message to one or more devices, choose Mobile Devices > Search and find your devices.
  7. Click the Actions button at the bottom of the list and choose "Send a Notification to Mobile Devices with Self Service Mobile Installed".

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Do users have to be signed in to self service for this to work?  I just tried it and nothing comes through.