Sending commands to a passcode locked ipad

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I am new to Jamf but not apple products.

I have a student that has brought their ipad in to me. The passcode was forgotten.

We try the last known passcode and get locked out. I assume we are connecting to the network after the passcode is accepted. 

How do I send commands to restart, wipe or anything else if the ipad is not connected to the network?

This is a device that was enrolled with pre stage enrollment. 

Is there a setting that prevents connecting to the network until the ipad is unlocked?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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What has most likely occurred is the student restarted the iPad or its battery was run flat and charged back up. Restarting an iPad with a passcode will cause the wifi and certain accessories to turn off until the passcode is entered. Tethering to a Mac using USB is controlled by the USB Restricted Mode setting, but that won't directly help clear the passcode but instead may allow you to share your Macs internet connection with the iPad.  

The easiest and most consistent way to get around this is to purchase a lightning to ethernet dongle like this one. Plug in the dongle, send the clear passcode command and you're off to the races.


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Most of the iPads that I get back I have this exact problem. I have just installed iTunes on my desktop and connect the device to that and wipe it from there.