ServiceNow - Jamf macOS Integration is Live

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View the Jamf macOS Integration in the ServiceNow Store
A complete macOS inventory and software delivery solution through Jamf and ServiceNow.

With the Jamf integration, organizations gain a macOS inventory and software delivery solution to complete their service management workflow. Users gain one central place to make IT help requests for software, gain approval, and then automatically install their software.

Key Features
- Automatically collect and sync user, hardware, and security data for each Mac in your ServiceNow dashboards.
- Run reports on any inventory category (and even make a dashboard view for instant report visibility).
- Automate software configuration and deployment.
- Automatically distribute apps and content to Macs through Jamf Self Service, your organization’s enterprise app store.
- Link ServiceNow and Jamf Self Service to create a central place for your users to create IT tickets, install software, update configurations, and troubleshoot common issues.

System Requirements
- Casper Suite v9.96 or later
- On-Premise or Cloud Hosted Jamf Server

Learn More
- Current Jamf and ServiceNow customers can purchase the integration directly in the ServiceNow Store.
- Watch the 2016 JNUC presentation from ServiceNow and Jamf.


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Looks great, looking forward to trying to get a POC with this in 2017


Anyone have any additional details on the part which says "troubleshoot common issues?"

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What a beautiful Christmas present! Time to go polish up my soapbox.

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This really looks nice...

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Saw the presentation at JNUC2016...our SNOW folks are going to love this!


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This will save hours of time on reporting.