ServiceNow to Jamf?

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has anyone pulled data from ServiceNow into Jamf? If so, do you have a workflow, scripts, etc to share?

I am trying to use some of the data such as employee termination or inactive device to add to the computer record in Jamf to run future workflows such as unmanage, locking, etc. I currently have Jamf communicate to our ServiceNow instance via API.


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Hello walt,

I am aware of integration between Jamf and ServiceNow but this integration always sync data from jamf to ServiceNow and what you are asking is other way round.


May be you can work with ServiceNow team and ask them to work on an workflow to create a automated task and assigned the same to your team for any termination request in ServiceNow.

Hope this will help.



thanks, but unfortunately it does not. As mentioned I already have data flowing from Jamf to ServiceNow, I would ideally like to find if others in the Jamf community have done some sort of bi-directional data flow between these two services. I'm sure it's possible with the REST API, but I am not entirely familiar with that process at the moment.