Set default user shell to zsh via Jamf Directory Bindings?

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I have noticed that attempting to set the default user shell to zsh in the Jamf Directory Binding pane doesn't work.

Settings > Computer Management > Directory Bindings > User Experience > Default User Shell

New users still default to Bash on both Big Sur and Catalina.

Is this a known issue?


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Check the AD user attribute "loginShell", it overrides the other options.

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Ahhh makes sense. Bummer for me as I cant easily change this to zsh globally because I have a ton of Linux workstations that also leverage this attribute and it might cause issues.

I'm having the same issue. Still looking for ways, planning on chatting with out AD admin about why it's set, because our linux environment isn't using it (although there may be linux servers that still are, hence the plan to chat with out AD admin).