Set Home Directory via Script?

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Hey All,

So, I'd like to re configure the Home folder location to one of our NAS drives, rather than Locally.

So, Login to Active DIrectory, get current logged in user : OK.

Then, change the home folder path to E.G smb://my network home

Then policy kicks in at login and script runs and re configures the home Location

Can't do itv ia AD for reasons im not gonna go into.

So, anyone got a script, ideas to achieve this

If so, I have shares in a Brewery ;-)


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While it's a great idea, it's not a good practice to relocate user home folders off their machines.

Years ago, both Microsoft and Apple implemented this feature. It's been called "roaming profiles" or "portable home directories" in the past. The problem with it is simply performance. It generates a lot of network traffic (consider sending/receiving email, reading application preferences or simply opening large files from your own Desktop). It was a terrible experience.

Also, sync was available for both as a sort of compromise, but again the experience was terrible. It wasn't reliable and in many cases the end user often didn't want to wait for sync to complete before closing his or her laptop and going home.

I strongly suggest not pursuing this.

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This blog post talks about the cloud, but similar principles apply in soft linking the default macOS directories to alternative locations.