Set Printing default for CUPS printer - Xerox C70 - double-sided printing default

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I'm having some trouble seeing where to possibly set the double-sided printing default for a Xerox C70 printer either in the Xerox C70 v3.9 driver for the printer, or in the CUPS queue within the Configuration Profile for this printer. In the CUPS queue I see that "sides=one-sided" but when I expand the CUPS interface for available options (within the CUPS website: http://localhost:631) there does not appear to be an option to change that setting to "sides=double-sided".

Here are the localhost CUPS settings now:

Description: Library Black/White Printers
Location: Driver: Xerox Color C70, 3.90.0 (color, 2-sided printing)
Connection: popup://pharos-servername/pharos-serverqueue
Defaults: job-sheets=none, none media=na_letter_8.5x11in sides=one-sided

Are there any commands we could simply send out for this?

The Configuration Profiles don't yet appear to offer any control for this particular setting yet least for the Xerox C70.



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We use Xerox printers and set them up using lpadmin command instead of Casper Admin like....
lpadmin -p <PRINTERNAME> -L "<LOCATION>" -v lpd://<IP ADDRESS> -P <PPD LOCATION> -o printer-is-shared=false -o PageSize=A4 -o XRFaxCoverSize=A4 -o MediaType=SystemDefault -o MediaColor=Auto -o XRSeparatorMediaColor=Auto -E

To find out all your printers options manually install it on a machine and use the command lpoptions -p <PRINTER> -l will list them all then use each option with -o like above

Create a policy for each printer with the driver installing and the above command as Execute command in the Files and Processes payload

Hope this helps

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Hi Steve-

Thank you for the info - very helpful.

Can you just change one option? As in, all the other defaults are OK now that I know of. I was wondering if this statement would get what I want in isolation:

lpadmin -o Duplex/2-Sided Printing=DuplexNoTumble

Taken from this list of options for the Xerox C70:

PageSize/Media Size: *Letter Legal Tabloid Statement Executive FanFoldGermanLegal 9x11 TabloidExtra 8x10 PostCard4x6 5x7 11x15 12.6x19.2 13x18 13x19 A4 A3 A5 B4 B5 B6 Postcard A6 DoublePostcardRotated SRA3 215x315 8K267x388 16K194x267 EnvChou3 EnvKaku2 EnvC5 EnvC4 Custom.WIDTHxHEIGHT
SetPageDevice/SetPageDevice: *SetPageDevice
XRHCF/Feeder: *False HighCapacityFeeder OHCF OHCF2
XRFinisher/Finisher: SCT *OCT BRFinisher BRBMFinisher LPF BookletMakerFinisher
XRFoldUnit/Tri-Fold Module: *False True
XRHolePunch/Hole Punch Module: *False TwoandThree TwoandFour Four
XRGBCAdvancedPunch/GBC AdvancedPunch: *False True
XRSquareFoldTrimmer/SquareFold Trimmer: *False True
XRLanFax/LAN Fax Module: *False True
XRJobType/Job Type: *Normal Secure Proof Delay StoreInFolder Fax
XRStoreFileInFolderOptions/XRStoreFileInFolderOptions: Public *Private
XRSaveJobDisposition/Saved Job Title: *Save
XRSaveContext/XRSaveContext: *Mailbox
XRFaxCoverOption/XRFaxCoverOption: *False True
XRFaxCoverSize/XRFaxCoverSize: *Letter A4
XRFaxConfirmationSheet/XRFaxConfirmationSheet: *True False
XRFaxWatermarkOption/XRFaxWatermarkOption: Background *Blend Foreground
XRFaxSendSpeed/XRFaxSendSpeed: *G3-Auto G3-Fixed G3-International G3-Fixed-International
XRFaxResolution/XRFaxResolution: Standard *Fine Superfine Ultrafine
XRFaxSendTimeSelection/XRFaxSendTimeSelection: *SendNow SendAt
XRFaxRecipientInfoSelection/XRFaxRecipientInfoSelection: HideInfo *ShowInfo Custom
XRFaxSaveToAddressBook/XRFaxSaveToAddressBook: *False True
MediaType/Paper Type: SystemDefault *Auto Plain PlainReloaded PrepunchedPlain LetterheadPlain Transparency PrecutTabs Labels HeavyLabels ExtraHeavyLabels PreprintedPlain Envelope RecycledPlain PrecutTabCard PrecutTabsHeavy PrecutTabsExtraHeavy HolePunchedCard LightweightHolePunchedCard HeavyweightHolePunchedCard ExtraHeavyweightHolePunchedCard Card CardReloaded HeavyPlain HeavyPlainReloaded ExtraHeavyCard ExtraHeavyCardReloaded HeavyCard HeavyCardReloaded Glossy GlossyReloaded GlossyCard GlossyCardReloaded GlossyHeavyCard GlossyHeavyCardReloaded Transfer CustomType1 CustomType2 CustomType3 CustomType4 CustomType5 Other
XRTabShiftOption/Image Shift: *None LetterTemplate A4Template Custom
MediaColor/Paper Color: Unspecified Auto *White Blue Yellow Green Pink Clear Ivory Gray Buff Goldenrod Red Orange CustomColor1 CustomColor2 CustomColor3 CustomColor4 CustomColor5 Other
XRInterleaveSheetType/Separators Title: *None BlankAfter DuplicateAfter
XRJobSheetType/XRJobSheetType: *None End
XRInterleaveSheetMediaSource/Paper Tray: *Tray1 Tray2 Tray3 Tray4 Bypass Tray6 Tray7
InputSlot/Paper Tray: *Tray1 Tray2 Tray3 Tray4 Bypass Tray6 Tray7
XROutputDestination/Output Destination: *Auto RegularTopTray MainStackerTray BookletMakerBin
Duplex/2-Sided Printing: *None DuplexNoTumble DuplexTumble
XRPrintQuality/Print Quality: *HighSpeed HighQuality HighResolution
Collate/Collated: False *True
XRFinishing/Finishing: *Multiple Staple Punch Fold Booklet
XRStapleOption/Stapling: *None 1Staple 2Staples 4Staples
XRStapleLocation/Staple Location: *None TopLeft Top TopRight Right BottomRight Bottom BottomLeft Left
XRPunchOption/Hole Punching: *None 2Punch 3Punch 4Punch CoilPunch
XRPunchLocation/Punch Location: *None Left Top Right Bottom
XRFoldEdge/XRFoldEdge: *ShortEdge LongEdge
XRFoldCount/XRFoldCount: *Single Multiple
XRFoldDirection/XRFoldDirection: *Convex Concave
XRFoldOption/Folding: *None BiFold CFold ZFold ZFoldHalf BiFoldAndStaple
XRFoldSide/XRFoldSide: *Left Top Right Bottom
XRSquareFoldOption/XRSquareFoldOption: *None High2 High1 Normal Low1 Low2
XRPaperSizeChanged/XRPaperSizeChanged: *False True
XRTrimBooklet/Trim: *False True
XRColorCorrection/Color Correction: *Auto Gray sRGB AdobeRGB None
XRPreviewColorCorrection/XRPreviewColorCorrection: False *True
XRCMYKTextColorCorrection/XRCMYKTextColorCorrection: ISOCoated ISOUncoated SWOP *Euroscale Japan
XRCMYKGraphicColorCorrection/XRCMYKGraphicColorCorrection: ISOCoated ISOUncoated SWOP *Euroscale Japan
XRCMYKImageColorCorrection/XRCMYKImageColorCorrection: ISOCoated ISOUncoated SWOP *Euroscale Japan
XRColorAdjustmentSet/XRColorAdjustmentSet: *None Advanced
XROutputColor/XROutputColor: PrintAsGrayscale *PrintAsColor
XRCoverOption/Cover Options: *Unspecified Front Back Same Different
XRFrontCoverKind/Front Cover Value: *Blank ImagedFront ImagedFrontAndBack
XRBackCoverKind/Back Cover Value: *Blank ImagedFrontAndBack
XRPageInputSlot/Input Slot: *Unspecified PFI1
XRBookletLayout/Booklet Layout: *False True
XRBookletMargins/Booklet Margins: *True False
XRBookletOutlines/Draw Page Borders: *False True
XRBookletReverseOrder/XRBookletReverseOrder: *False True
XRBookletSize/Booklet Paper Size: *False Letter Legal Tabloid Statement Executive FanFoldGermanLegal 9x11 TabloidExtra 8x10 11x15 12.6x19.2 13x18 13x19 A4 A3 A5 B4 B5 SRA3 215x315 8K267x388 16K194x267 Custom
XRWatermarkOption/XRWatermarkOption: Background *Blend Foreground
XRWatermarkPage/XRWatermarkPage: FirstPageOnly *AllPages
XRAnnotationOption/Annotation Options: *None Standard
XRAnnotationPage/XRAnnotationPage: FirstPageOnly *AllPages
XROffset/Offset/Subset: None *Set Subset Both
XREnableSubset/XREnableSubset: *False True
XRFeedEdge/Binding Edge: *Unspecified LongEdge ShortEdge
XRGlossLevel/Gloss Level: *Standard Enhanced
XRBannerSheet/Banner Sheet: None *AtStart
MirrorPrint/MirrorPrint: *False True
XRTonerSaver/Toner Saver: *None Standard
XRSkipBlankPages/Skip Blank Pages: True *False
XRSeparatorSheetType/Separator Options: *None AfterSet
XRSeparatorSheetMediaSource/Paper Tray: Tray1 Tray2 Tray3 Tray4 *Bypass Tray6 Tray7
XRImageShiftOption/Image Shift: *Unspecified Independent MirrorX MirrorY MirrorBoth MirrorXTandemY MirrorYTandemX TandemX TandemY TandemBoth
XRDraftMode/Draft Mode: *False True
XRAccountingSystem/Accounting System: *None XSA XNA LocalAccounting ChargePrint
XRAccountingPrompt/Accounting Prompt: *Prompt DoNotPrompt PromptFax PromptColor PromptColorFax
XRAccountingMaskUserID/XRAccountingMaskUserID: False *True
XRAccountingMaskAccountID/XRAccountingMaskAccountID: False *True
XRAccountingMaskBillingID/XRAccountingMaskBillingID: False *True
XRAccountingAuxInterface/XRAccountingAuxInterface: *False True
XRSwedishPunch/Hole Punch: *False True

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Try -p lpadmin -p <PRINTERNAME> -L "<LOCATION>" -v lpd://<IP ADDRESS> -P <PPD FILE LOCATION> -o Duplex=DuplexNoTumble -E

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@SGill you are close on the syntax, just need to identify the printer:

lpadmin -p <printername> -o Duplex=DuplexNoTumble

Try that.

You can set options one at a time, or several in one call using lpadmin -p <printername> -o <option> Just add as many -o <option> as you need.

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Thanks @stevewood . Unfortunately the Xerox setting for duplex printing (currently defaulting to single-sided) seems be to trumping the CUPS setting for duplex enable. I see now how to edit the CUPS options at the website: localhost:631 , and via the command-line options you provided, but I don't seem to have any info on how to access the Xerox command-line controlling all the options that appear under "Xerox Features" in the print GUI. This is occurring with the Xerox 3.90 multi-driver package installed to the mac.

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@SGill We have C70's attached to external Fiery RIPs. If I list the options (lpoptions -p <printer> -l | grep -i duplex) I get the following for changing duplex: EFDuplex/Duplex: *False TopTop TopBottom

I can then issue: lpoptions -p <printer> -o EFDuplex=TopTop

If I recall correctly, however, even if I set that on the Xerox, the Fiery may override that setting.

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Thanks Steve-

We're testing the result of the commands below today, but the Xerox defaults are being pretty stubborn. It also appears Fiery and Xerox syntax's are a little different with regards to this setting as well:

lpoptions -p Library_Black_White_Printers -o Duplex/2-sided Printing=DuplexNoTumble
lpoptions -p Library_Color_Printers -o Duplex/2-sided Printing=DuplexNoTumble

Do you think the syntax:


only applies if you have a Fiery Server? We don't have those for our Xerox's.

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Honored Contributor II

@SGill if you list the options for the printer after setting them (lpoptions -p Library_Black_White_Printers) do you see the Duplex setting?

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Yes, it returns this:

lpoptions -p Library_Black_White_Printers -l | grep -i duplex
Duplex/2-Sided Printing: None *DuplexNoTumble DuplexTumble

Still seem to be getting single-sided printing out of the Xerox C70, though. Wonder if there is any kind of Xerox C70 admin app for win or mac that might help...I'll contact our vendor.