Setting standard system language for first installation

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Hello all,
I´m new to casper and had a 2 days training, but some questions are open. The main question is, how can I set a standard language for a complete new installation? If I use the standard of casper, I´m getting an english system and I didn´t find any option, script or something else to change it directly at installation. I want to create a basic installation in german and english. How does it work? Can someone give me some help?
Thanks in advance


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Does this help;?

Change language

Login as an admin user

sudo languagesetup

Then log out or reboot.

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I assume you are asking about language choices on a Mac that runs the setup assistant at first boot after imaging?

As far as I know you have two possiblities:
-One default language set for the user (probably selected during the creation of the .dmg file, and if not sure English)
-The setup assistant starts with a language chooser.

So two languages is not possible (and I do not know how to generate a image that will deploy a Mac with Setup Assistant in german only.)

The trick is that on a clean system there is a hidden file .RunLanguageChooserToo.
If your run the setup once, (and select a language) this file is deleted, and the languagechooser does not appear on next runs. Your can create it with this command:
touch /var/db/.RunLanguageChooserToo
I am not sure what you exactly did, I have no experience with Casper Imaging since I use no imaging and DEP, or DeployStudio, but If you make sure this file exist in the image (dmg file) you deploy, the mac should start with a languagechooser screen, not just english.
I suspect that Composer forgets this file, but maybe others have better suggestions on how to do get this file in the image you deploy.