Setting up a Test Server (Mirroring production) -- Deleting computers

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Hi, just have a quick question before taking any action on it.

We set up a new jamf server that mirrors production by using a Database backup from our production and using the JSS Database Utility to do a restore. Afterwards, I did the following:

  • Changed JSS URL
  • Changed Activation code
  • Changed APN cert
  • Changed SSL cert / Restart Tomcat
  • Delete DEP/VPP accounts
  • Delete Distribution points

Now, since we did a restore from production, all of our computers are still in there. Am I safe to delete these on the test server without impacting production? I believe this is dependant on the APN, which I've already changed. I also did a test by deleting a computer from the test server and running jamf policy / jamf recon / running a policy without any issues. Just wanted to be extremely sure since I do not want to impact all devices by something I over looked.


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That's correct!
The machine has no contact with the mirrored copy, and doesn't even know it exists. In fact pushing out a mdm command from the test node will not work aswell.