Setting up new machines?

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What's the best practice for new machine that's come straight out of box?

I have setup a configuration that will reimage an old machine machine, add it into jamf and run/setup all the scripts and programs required for it to be ready for the end user but I'm not sure what the best pratice is for a new machine?

Do we re-image it straight away?
Do we run OOBE setup the admin account, recon the machine so it gets added to to JAMF; then it falls into a smart group for JAMF to configure the rest of it?
Do we amend the autoadd package with all the scripts and packages it requires? - This may create a large auto add package.

Thanks in advance.


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Is DEP an option for you? That should be your starting point if it is.

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We only just setup DEP this week but we have a few more machines ordered pre-DEP to arrive still.

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If you can @Taylor.Armstrong's is the best recommendation. If not try the OOBE setup you mentioned, and have the smart group do the configuration triggered via policies