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Jamf Pro 11.4.0 Beta is now available

Hello Jamf Nation! This release is in support of the Apple Spring release. We have several exciting new features including beta MDM support for Apple Vision Pro, Self Service initial app detection, Support Digital Market Act app restriction, and more...  View more

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Application Management

Hi All,I'm still gaining my footing as a person in the security sector while trying to manage Macs in our environment with Jamf Pro. We have protection software such as CrowdStrike and Rapid 7. I tried searching through the community, but I'm not fin...  View more

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Disable USB write access if not encrypted

To protect data, we would like to ensure user could only transfer to USB if it is encrypted otherwise just provide read only access to USB. As per JAMF portal, configuration profile settings for media are Deprecated Just wondering if someone know ano...  View more

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Setting Safari BACK to the default browser

Greetings friends, Wondering if anyone has a clever method for resetting Safari back to the default browser. Ideally we'd like to not lock this setting down, just change it when needed via a script, etc. Thank you  View more

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Ability to lock down AirPlay by MAC address?

First off, I'm a Windows Sys Admin, and we're rolling out Macs and using jamf. Love the software, and love the OS, and realize you can't compare and lock things down the same, but still trying to secure our environment with how I and upper management...  View more

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New user account notification

Is it possible to automate an alert if/when a user goes in and creates a new local account? We have a policy in place for password changes that are needed at X amount of time. The users/groups pane needs to be enabled. Since Mac is not as granular as...  View more

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Disable Screen Lock in MacOS

We have several general use computers with automatic login, and the fact that Screen Lock (aka: "Require Password after screen saver begins") is killing us. Every reference I have found to disabling Screen Lock either refers to the plist from when it...  View more

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JAMF Pro (Cloud) and Tableau Integration

Hi all, been looking around the past few weeks on some information on getting Tableau and JAMF to play nice so I can make use of Tableau's nice visual reporting for our environment. Haven't really found anything substantial. I did find a JAMF Marketp...  View more

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Recording LAPS for macOS password to EA

I am having trouble with recording the LAPS for macOS passwords to the LAPS EA. Everything works and there is no error, yet the LAPS EA is blank every time. I can see the password if I look at log details so I know the rest of the process works prett...  View more

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Kaspersky Big Sur

Hello everybody We have an issue with installing Kaspersky 11 Endpoint and Big Sur. We did everything that Kaspersky recommend with the configuration profile but we still have to allow "sysextctrld" Do you guys have this issue ? In the official knwol...  View more

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Automating VPN config script/etc

Hi guys. I need to configure VPN via the macOS VP client. Each user has a unique VPN login, can anyone assist me with a script or something which will allow zero-touch config of a devices VPN details - user/password/shared secret etc. Never done this...  View more

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EndPoint protection.

I need an endpoint recommendation with features like Day zero release support for new macOS Threat Protection Peripheral Control Web Control -  View more

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Web content filtering

Hi guys. New on the tool, and I am pretty amazed about it.The thing is that some client it is asking us to monitoring web content that the macOS users browsing.I know that is possible to configurate a profile to create white and blacklists of website...  View more

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EA to report Sudo Version (Sudo Vulnerability)

In response to the Sudo Vulnerability: Sudo-escalating on macOS (Jamf Blog) I put together an EA script that simply reports the Sudo Version on Macs: Data Type: String Input Type Script: #!/bin/bash #Shaquir Tannis 2-10-21 #Reports Sudo Version echo ...  View more

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Airdropped application was allowed to run?

I received a report today that a teacher was able to airdrop and app from their personal Mac to their school-issued Mac and the app was allowed to run. Clearly I've missed something in my setup. Because teachers cannot run .pkg files on school comput...  View more

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Policy Log Flushing Permissions

I'm looking to give a specific user access to flush specific computer logs on a policy. This is to allow SecOps to re-run policies that are set to once per computer. I set custom permissions as follows: Jamf Pro Server Objects > Policies > ReadJamf P...  View more

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Installing BitDefender on Big Sur

Hi I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how I could create a profile to automate these steps when installing Bitdefender on Big Sur. https://www.bitdefender.com/support/changes-to-bitdefender-endpoint-security-for-mac-in-macos-big-sur-2626.html ...  View more

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SSH Connection Refused

Been running in circles for a while with this. I can SSH successfully into an enrolled computer using our jamf management account: "ssh jamfadmin@ipadress" However if I try to use the local Administrator account "ssh Administrator@ipadress" I get the...  View more

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New system extensions for Bitdefender

Hi, Bitdefender has activated a new web content control module in the Endpoint Security app, which now results in the end user having to approve a system extension. I have tried to add the below approved system extensions in a config profile, but the...  View more

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