Setup Your Mac (1.8.0) via swiftDialog

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Setup Your Mac (1.8.0) introduces Configurations, which enable users with high-bandwidth Internet access to maximize initial computer setup, while also allowing users with low-bandwidth access to configure an organizationally compliant Mac in a single step.



Apple’s Automated Device Enrollment helps streamline Mobile Device Management (MDM) enrollment and device Supervision during activation, enabling IT to manage enterprise devices with “zero touch.”

Setup Your Mac aims to simplify initial device configuration by leveraging swiftDialog and Jamf Pro Policy Custom Events to allow end-users to self-complete Mac setup post-enrollment.

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Awesome update...looking forward to testing it.

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I'm trying to transition to this solution from DEPNotify, but in our environment, after the PreStage enrollment, the user must log into Azure which then creates a local account on the Mac. I am triggering the SYM Enrollment with a custom trigger as explained in the TechItOut article, but it doesn't seem like SYM is triggering after the user gets logged in. I am thinking that SYM is triggering in the background while the user is at the login screen. Any ideas?

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@griff761 Currently, I’m only “officially” documenting our approach (using Self Service).

Please see this post and this issue

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1.8.1 (11-Mar-2023)

  • Addresses #2: Added currentLoggedInUser function to better validate loggedInUser
  • Addresses #3: Added new "Microsoft Office 365" Remote Validation
  • Addresses #4: Improved logging when welcomeDialog is video or false
  • Create overlayicon from Self Service (thanks, Mike Schwartz!)