Share your best self service ideas for Bookmarks

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Hi community,

I am currently gathering information and ideas on how Bookmarks in Self service can improve user's experience to improve their relationship with us "IT". The possible content delivery through "Bookmarks" looks really interesting to achieve this. Contacting IT or searching for IT docs and so on may be sometimes painful or even frustrating. So how to bring through Bookmarks the best possible user's experience?

As most of you guys are really smart and creative people, I would appreciate if you could share your best tricks, ideas, experience, creativity around self service Bookmarks !

Thank you all!



We use ServiceNow at our company. I made a bunch of end user facing knowledge articles for things like how to vpn, company portal, how to use one drive, stuff like that. I took all of those articles and made a master article that I added as a bookmark in self service. Other than that, just popular links to apps we use, company intranet, a link to submit service desk requests/incidents, link to company speed test. I'm also looking for more suggestions, but I like what I've added so far.