Sharing a File Share between multiple JSS contexts


I am investigating saving disk space by making a single File Share (and synchronised slaves) available to multiple JSS contexts.

I have been able to manually copy packages to the file shares' packages folder and Casper Admin finds them when it starts up. Settings for FUT and FEU are stored in the database and would have to be configured for each context manually in Casper Admin. I would probably manually rsync packages to all file shares at once to avoid accidents and stop using Casper Admin to sync entirely.

I have noticed that if you use Casper Admin to sync to a local folder, it creates some additional files. In particular it creates a data.xml containing all the package data (FUT/FEU etc) and also a scripts folder (containing all the scripts found on the server).

I wonder why it creates these. If it was to facilitate offline imaging that would make some sense except Casper Imaging requires a connection to the JSS to authenticate before you can tell it to use a local folder. The same goes for Casper Remote. The scripts and data.xml are not present on the file shares as the information is stored and accessed from the database.

Anyway, anyone think this is a good or bad idea and anyone see any obvious caveats?