Shell Script PPPC Warning

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I have a shell script that runs as part of a package install after enrollment that helps kick off my SplashBuddy setup.

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The process works perfect however now my shell script that gets called is asking for permission to control the Finder. You cannot add a .sh file to the JAMF PPPC Utility any ideas how to build a configuration profile so that popup does not do that?


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Have you tried adding the terminal app to a PPPC Profile and see if that resolves it?

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@ammonsc Check out this post on signing scripts for PPPC:

That should only be required if the pop-up dialog is actually saying wants to control Finder, vs something like @Ludeth mentions that sometimes it's the jamf binary or Terminal that is requesting permission (and needs to be whitelisted).

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I forgot to mention

Yes, I have added Terminal, osascript, jamf, and jamfagent to PPPC