Show All / Hide All Policies won't´t work proper!

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As our list of policies gets bigger and bigger show all / hide all is a good feature to navigate to a category. For some reason it won´t work proper for all categories. Some one still stays oben listed or won´t hide. This seams like there are some problems with the naming of categories. We use categories like "Main CategorieName - SubCategorieName (optimal)". Example: Software, Software - Grafik, Software - Security. In this example after clicking "Hide All" in the Policies site Software - Grafik and Software - Security stays oben/collapsed. Lucks like a bug. Anyboy has an idea? Deleting "Whitespace" in Categoriename does´t help.

Thank so far.


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We've had the same issue since we've been on Casper 9 (started with v9.21). When I press "Hide All" 3 of my categories remain open.

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@h.hubbe @ShaunM9483

This is actually the result of a defect (D-005541).

It will happen with any category/printer list/etc…where the first word is the same.

In this case, having each category start with the word Software is what’s causing it.

To get around it we would need to change the naming structure so that the first word isn’t the same.

Instead of:
Software - Grafik Software - Security

We would change it to:

Grafik - Software
Security - Software

and it should collapse properly. As long as the first word isn't the same, it seems to work as intended.

If it's not that big of an issue for you, there is no need to make those changes, as the failure to collapse is cosmetic more than anything else.

If you haven’t already, it would be worth opening up a case with your Technical Account Manager so we can get a case created and get that case attached to the defect (D-005541) for tracking purposes.
When you contact your Techincal Account Manager, please feel free to reference this thread and defect D-005541.


Amanda Wulff
JAMF Software Support

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Thanks @amanda.wulff for that info.

I think for us we are just going to live with it for now because we like to keep things grouped together.

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Thanks so far!

Indeed it is a more cosmetic bug. Changing the categories naming structure so that the first word isn´t the same will cause that my subcategories won´t stick together, as the categories get sort by Name. This is more bad than the show all/ hide all bug for me. Sofar i will have to live with it!

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have you tried removing the spaces from your category names? For example, change software - grafik to software_grafik. All of my policies are grouped by site and are named "site_schoolname" and I am not running into this bug.

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I delete the whitespaces in the categorie name´s but it has no effect. Still the same behavior like bevor. I also tried to make new categories like Drivers, Drivers_Video, Drivers_Audio.But still the same. Only the main drivers categorie will hide. Both other still stay open. A real SubCategorie would be handy if naming doesn´t work proper with the build in functions/features. Thanks so far.


Is this still an issue in 9.4? I don't see it addressed in the release notes. While only cosmetic, it would be nice to see this fixed.

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We are still running on 9.32!

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I'm not seeing this defect in my 9.4 installation. OS X 10.8.5, MacMini, 16GB Ram

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We are seeing the same issue in 9.52. I've let our support contact know about it. Once I change the category names, then it's fine.