Showbie Voice Note Not Working

New Contributor

Pupil iPads all managed through Jamf, all configured utilising the same settings. One iPad plays Showbie Voice Notes fine, the rest of the iPads allow user to press the button one time - the Voice Note doesn’t play - and after that you’re unable to press the button.
The Voice Notes used to work, and suddenly they stopped working. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app, wiping the device and reinstalling the app has not fixed the issue.
Under Settings > Privacy > Microphone there are no apps listed, on either the iPads that will not, or the iPad that will, play Voice Notes.
There is also no option to toggle the microphone on in the Showbie app settings (this is the same for the iPad that is playing Voice Notes).
I have just updated an iPad to 14.1 to test, but the Voice Notes function is still not playing.
Any help and advice would be greatly received! Thank you.