Shutdown instead of Reboot after policy execution

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I would like to shut down a machine after a policy triggered by logout has completed.
Casper offers the "Reboot" option, but no shutdown.

If I append a shutdown -h now command to the policy,
there is no Log written to the JSS because the client goes down straight away.

Currently I see two ways to get around this:

First, shutdown -h +1 instead of now - not that elegant

Second, make two policies, one containing the actual commands, with a custom trigger,
the other one triggering the first policy and shutting down afterwards - two policies for one job, don't like that either ;)

Any of you geniuses with a hint for me?



I haven't tested this to see if it will write to the JSS but you can add an ampersand to the end of a line to put the process into the background:

shutdown -h +10 &

That allows the rest of the script to proceed in parallel and may give the machine a chance to complete reporting to the JSS.

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Hi Chris

I've created this script for the task of logging to jamf.log
Upload to Casper and run it after your policy.
Let me know if helps.



# format day and time as per jamf log.
$DATE= localtime(time);
@DATE =split (' ',$DATE);
$DATE=$DATE[0]." ".$DATE[1]." ".$DATE[2]." ".$DATE[3];

open(LOG, ">>$log") || die "Can't open log file: $! ";
# Entry to jamf.log
print LOG "$DATE This mac is shutting down now.... ";

close (REPORT);

# shut down command.
$command="shutdown -h now";

exit 0; ## Success
exit 1; ## Failure