Simplified way of speeding up enrollment

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    I just want to share a quickie solution I made to address some complaints about enrolling Macs. Our setup has some policies set to install when enrollment is complete, but then others that install at the first check in. This usually means that there is usually a 15 minute gap after the EnrollmentComplete trigger before the first big bunch of apps are installed. Large installers like MS Office take a very long time to download and install. Techs usually are guessing when the enrollment is finally done. Sometimes they shut the computer down when there are still things to be run.  I know there are tools like DEPNotify that make the whole process transparent to whoever is sitting at the computer, but unfortunately I don't have the bandwidth to look into making that work for us. Here's what I did to eliminate that 15 minute gap and to let techs and users know that they may now begin using the computer.

I created a policy called "zzzzz Check-in after enrollment" (the zzzzz at the beginning makes sure it is the last thing that runs)

I set the Trigger to Enrollment Complete

Files and Processes > Execute Command: 

jamf policy ;  /Library/Application\ Support/JAMF/bin/ -windowType utility -icon "/Library/Company/Company_Logo.png" -title "Enrollment Complete" -description "Enrollment process has been completed." -button1 "OK" -defaultButton 1

Now when the initial enrollment processes are complete and the policies specifically set to run at enrollment are all done, this command will immediately kick in and install packages and run scripts that would normally run at the next check-in. Then at the very end it pops up a window to tell the user it's done. 


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This is cool!  I was just trying to see if I could figure out a way to notify users when DepNotify is completed.  As it is, and it may be our setup, it just disappears when it's finished.  I'd like to give a visual on the fact that it is indeed done...