Single AD account unable to login to Casper Admin, Web works fine.

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My AD account is unable to use the Casper Admin console, but getting to JSS Dashboard via web browser is working fine. JSS 9.81. Other AD accounts work fine. All tested are members of the same AD groups which is how they are entitled to admin rights.


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Please check the Privileges for Casper Admin.

  1. Login into your JSS
  2. Click on Settings on the right site there is a gear
  3. Click on JSS User Accounts & Groups
  4. Click on your account
  5. Change the tab to Privileges
  6. Go to "Casper Admin" and check the Privileges there.

Attached a screenshot with my Settings

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We have something similar happening, but with all the members of an AD group.

A workaround is to do a test connection using Management Settings/System Settings/LDAP Servers/Test.

Do a test with User Group Membership Mapping. this has solved our issue for a time, but randomly comes back.

At present this is with JAMF Support.b64a03ba361c4de586a32557701f1dd9

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Known issue. Very helpful thank you.

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We are having the same issue. Unfortunately, the "fix" suggested is not working on our end.

All LDAP tests are fine. Logging from web works grea.

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Were you ever able to find a solution to this problem?