Skype for Business Configuration

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Hey Guys,
Thought I'd see what you all had to offer about setting one specific setting in Skype For Business...

The Setting is "Before joining a meeting, ask me which audio device I want to use". Our Skype Admin's want this setting selected by default

I've located the plist file:
~/Library/Containers/" and the specific line is

<key>joinWithAudioKind</key> <integer>0</integer>

My Initial thought was to setup a LaunchDaemon to monitor the file for the specific value and then add it if it's not there (cause if it's not there, then it's not the setting that we want) and if it is there to just ignore it. I don't really want to go this route though. Is there a way to do this with a Configuration Profile that only makes this change?

As a side note, this is something that can be controlled by a GPO on the Windows side...


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You could create a plist file with only that key, add it to a configuration profile in the custom settings payload, and set the preference domain to It would be a user-level profile, in this case. We preset users' username and SIP address in a similar manner.

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mkdir -p /Users/$3/Library/Containers/
touch /Users/$3/Library/Containers/
defaults write /Users/$3/Library/Containers/ joinWithAudioKind 0

Scope it to login for all users.

Or set the preference then drag that preference file to the sources section of composer and use FUT/FEU to get it to everybody. I would go with the script myself. You'd probably want to touch that file if it did not e