Small not for profit usage case

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We are looking to deploy 9 iPads to our volunteers across Australia. Many are an older demographic with limited technological knowledge. As the sole employee, I will be managing these devices (which I have never done - not really an IT person) and am looking for a management solution that will fulfill the following needs:
- Allow push notifications
- A shared calendar
- Integrate easy access to zoom
- Access to a set of 'stationary' files
- Ensure security of devices and information
- deploy apps remotely

Obviously, being so small we probably don't need the extended functions of Jamf, but I am wondering if it would be our best option.

Thanks in advance.


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It's been a while since I've looked. But I think you can manage a lot of this with JAMF Now. You can start with a free account for a few devices to try it out as well. I used to use it for my kid's phones.