Smart Computer Group that does not have JAMF ver 6.01

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How does a person create a Smart Computer Group that determines which
computers do not have JAMF version 6.01 installed yet?

I can't find any criteria that look for the version of JAMF installed.

My goal is to target an update to all managed systems that are not currently
running version 6.01.

Jason Halvorson


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If your goal is to get all systems up to current release just create a policy for all systems to run at ANY or perhaps your 30 minute interval that use the 'Update Command Line Applications' option on the general tab of a policy. It will update anything that is checking in properly and ignore those that don't need it.

We've actually had a policy in our system forever called Update_JAMF_Binary that I just flush each time a new version comes out and clients just update themselves...if I'm confident the binary won't break anything. =)