Smart Group by Serial Number

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I want to make a Smart Group based on a list of Serial Numbers. I know you can choose a smart group, choose hardware attribute, and choose serial number, but you need to input them one by one. In the prestage imaging, you can have a list of Serial Numbers. Is there any way to input a list of 150 serial numbers and make a smart group of them without entering in one at a time?

Casper 8.43


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I was just able to do a smart group with serial number like "DDR2"

Apple serial numbers use the last 3 (for 11 character serial numbers) or 4 (for 12 character serial numbers) characters as the family of machine. So all MacBook Air (Late 2010) will have DDR2 as the last 4 characters.

Using those is a great way to find all machines of a particular revision.

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Great! Thanks for the response!