Smart group for Google Extension / Configuration Profile Deployment

New Contributor II

Previously a policy was setup with a packaged JSON to force install a Chrome extension ( however with recent versions even if the update URL is Google's repository it registers as a third-party extension which is not enabled and warns users.

The pre-existing Chrome package we're deploying is a couple years old, I've since updated and built a configuration profile to force install necessary extension which works great however hesitant to use existing smart group targeting machines with Chrome installed as my environment has approximately 3,000 systems with this already.

I'm fairly new in JAMF and have no experience creating a smart group- after discussing with a support rep they suggest using to craft said group. I'm not sure where to being but honestly I just need a smart group that reports machines with a particular extension which in tern would be used as an exclusion parallel with Chrome smart group to deploy the configuration profile to install it.