Smart Groups Based On Building / IP Address


It's just not working. I've been wrapping my head around this for months. What am I doing wrong?

Basically, I have six sites (more, but let's just focus on the main six). They include our SF HQ and five distro centers across the US. If I assign a laptop to the "Building" SF everything works as expected --- all computers appear in that Smart Group. If I assign a laptop to any other sites (DC01, DC02...) they never automatically appear in the associated Smart Groups. I've even more recently tried adding those locations IP addresses as criteria for membership... yet nothing. See image below, and any help at all is appreciated.



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GREAT Idea, never thought of this! BUT I have 2 cents on this, please keep in mind this process is a concept I just thought of.

Create an Extension Attribute that Pulls the Computers IP, then in the smart group criteria choose the IP Pull Extension Attribute & set is like #.#.#.# ?

Example of Extension Attribute [Named StudentVPN] (our ppp0 is configured on all our computers to what we need, pending your environment, might vary obviously you could do a catch all script for en0, en1, etc)

result=`ifconfig ppp0 | grep inet | awk '{print $2}'`
echo "<result>$result</result>"

Then in Smart Computer Groups (Image Attached) - Add the Extension Attribute - is like - 192.168.%.% (I BELIEVE % is WILDCARD for Multiple Characters BUT RESEARCH, I could be wrong)


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I like that idea as well, and will research more on "Extension Attributes." That said, any idea why the Smart Group membership is currently not working based on the "Building" or "Public IP" attributes? Both seem to work fine for my "SF" Smart Group, but fail for every other one.