SMARTNotebook Mojave Security & Privacy settings

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Hi All,

Anyone have any luck automating the Security & Privacy allow settings for in Mojave.

Tried using the PPPC utility from github. What happens is I can create a profile for but not for the and I am guessing I will have the same problem with

If I run codesign I can see that SMARTNotebook is signed but the other 2 apps are not. No signing probably explains why those Apps don't work in PPPC.

Can anyone point me to a next step. SMART tech support has sent me links that show how the user can allow the app.

I think the manufacturer has to apply for the signing - so that is a dead end (unless I am mistaken). I also saw some threads that apps get signed but not necessarily "utilities" so I am wondering if that is true also.

I have KEXT profiles already from using this version of SMART on HighSierra - I am assuming these are OK on Mojave too (unless I am mistaken).

I was hoping the answer was not that this was a manual user process - thank you in advance.