Software Compliance Notifications

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Is there a way for Jamf to monitor all computers in its inventory to scan the devices daily to identify if there is a non-compliant device in the environment? For example. I would like to validate that specific software is present on all our Mac devices such as our DLP solution, or the anti-malware solution. If it has been deleted or removed, I would like to be notified of any devices that are missing such software.


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Create smart groups where you have the software listed. Check the box for group change. That way you get an email anytime a computer is added or removed from the smart group.

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Use a smartrgroup


Make sure you check the e-mail notification on membership change box.


Then do something similar. Criteria ->Does not have -> App name Should work whether its mac or ipad. I use this method for our Testing programs (test nav etc) to ensure the program is present. Make sure any install policy you have let's you either install also from Self Service or is reoccurring incase the first or subsequent attempts fail. Once per day is plenty.


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