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Before this new Jamf Nation site update.  Good folks here were notifying the Jamf Nation community of Software Updates, both third party and Apple that are made available in a very timely manner.  Can anyone tell me where we can find that info in this new site. If not, can we reinstate that ability here?


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I found I needed to subscribe to

Thanks to atomczynski

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The what's new in Jamf Pro only covers updates to Jamf Pro not other software.  There was great value in having a community reported software update "database" and that is now gone as best I can tell

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Hands down was the BEST part of the OLD JAMF Nation, followed by the 3rd Party search. Not sure if these have been purposefully removed or hidden, but it's a HUGE PitA now. Guess I have to wait to get flagged by security instead of being in front of the curve.

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Hey Guys,

1. I am looking for the software update via jamf pro to get the notifications to users. Can I know where can I enable the notification to get notification to users and which type of software update should I use? either apple server update or system default software update?

 2. In jamf pro can I find the security updates?