Some VPP Apps unavailable to install

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Hi All,

I have a curious problem with VPP. I have setup my accounts and pushed about 20 apps to my iPads. 17 of them worked perfectly, while I have 3 that simply won't install. They're visible in the "purchased" tab of the iPad, but there's no get or download button visible at all.

If I go into the iTunes App store, the little cloud-download icon is visible, but it's greyed out and I can't press it.

The apps were all purchased on the same iTunes account, they are all pushed under the same invitation and all in the same assignment.

The apps in question are all free apps. "Feed a Frog", "Google Maps" and "Google"

Chris Stebbing.


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Hi All,

amazing how you can post on Jamfnation and get an answer... :-)

seems further investigation has led me to believe that one of the restrictions I've put into the supervision profile is preventing the download. Not sure why but it seems to be the case. Feed a Frog is rated 9+ with fantasy violence and that must be triggering it.

Will try a few things further.



I also wonder if iOS version could be an issue. I haven't witnessed this, but if the iOS version on the iPad is older than the version the app requires, I wonder if that would cause a greyed out download icon.

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Hi Chris,

Welcome to JAMF Nation. You posted your question at 6:32 AM Eastern Time. Most of the United States is still asleep at that hour!

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I was able to resolve the issue by downloading the token from the VPP site and refreshing the apps. Thanks Jamf support
Renewing a VPP Token in the JSS

  1. Log into Apple's VPP portal and download your VPP Token
  2. Log in to the JSS with a web browser
  3. In the top-right corner of the page, click Settings (gear icon)
  4. Click Global Management.
  5. Click VPP Accounts
  6. Click the VPP Account and then click Edit.
  7. Click Renew Service Token and upload the service token (.vpptoken) downloaded in step one.
  8. Click Save