Sophos 9.2.8 to 9.4.x

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I have a lot of users that have HomeBrew installed on their machines for Dev work. There is a known issue with Sophos that changes permissions on /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/share to root:wheel. Homebrew requires the folders to be owned by the main user. Sophos says they put a fix in version 9.4.1. We are running Sophos SEC 5.2.2. I'm wondering if I need to updates SEC in order for my clients to be updating to 9.4.x. Does anyone have any knowledge/experience with getting Sophos upto 9.4.x?


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From my understanding Sophos rolls out updates to the app over a few days to all SEC bootstrap locations. Once your server has the updated installer the clients should auto-update to the newest version. At least that's my impression. When I get back in the office I'll see what version is in our SEC and report back.

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9.4.1 is release for home version, however, in SEC this version is only a preview version and 9.2.8 is still recommended.

If you wish to test 9.4.1, create a test machine that uses a different subscription and set the subscription to Preview instead of '9 Recommended'. Preview will provide the latest and greatest for testing.

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Their calendar suggests 9.4.2 will become the preview this month and then released as recommended in February.