Sophos Anti-Virus not populating AutoUpdate fields

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Fresh installations of Sophos on Active Directory bound mac's are not populating the AutoUpdate settings in our environment.

We have a Sophos Enterprise console hosted on Windows Server. The windows machines are working fine.

This was working fine last year but occasionally someone would say they weren't getting the update info but eventually it would populate. Since early this year it looks like this has been happening all the time.

We install by getting a script to open the share on the Enterprise Console server and copy the ESCOSX directory back locally. The script removes any previous installations of Sophos and then runs
"Sophos"/Contents/MacOS/tools/InstallationDeployer --install

I've manually done the same steps as well as simply double clicking Sophos in Finder and it installs without issue.

Usual behaviour was that within 15 minutes the info for the update servers is populated in AutoUpdate and the machine can get updates. Now, I've left machines on for a day or so and no updates. I'm not sure how it gets that info - that seems key to the problem

The Active Directory OU the machines are in does show in the console with the machines listed but they are greyed out.

Anyone got any thoughts on what might be the problem?