Sophos CBR bundle

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Good day, all. I'm attempting to resolve an issue with Jamf Pro and install Sophos (Cloud) in our MacBook environment. We had a working Configuration Profile and a Policy in place at one time. For some unknown reason, the job fails with exit code 1 but no details. Our environment is Monterey and Ventura.

 "sophosCBR.bundle" is an app downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it? Chrome downloaded this file on (date). Apple Checked it for malicious software, and none was detected.” The options it gives are cancel or open.

One just had to select Open, and the Sophos install would continue. When the Open option was selected, the installation would fail. Again, in the past, Open would work, and installation would be complete.

This is our current script:


"/Library/Application Support/SophosInstall/Sophos Installer" --install

#rm -Rf "/Library/Application Support/SophosInstall"


Via the terminal would get:

Verifying package integrity

Installing SophosInstall.pkg

Successfully installed SophosInstall.pkg

Running script Install Sophos

Script exit code 1

Script results: date Sophos Installer (numbers) Starting Sophos Bootstrap Installer.


Installation failed with: The installation failed. (1) See SophosDiagnosticis for detailed information.

Error running script: return code was 1


Thank you for any input.