Spacerequired to Compile 35 GB image

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I need to find out how much space I need on my JDS share to compile are 35 GB image.
The Linux admin allocated 100 GB but I get a error saying that is not enough.

Help Please


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Honored Contributor II

@hdsst3 you shouldn't need to compile your image. If you've used Composer, or even Disk Utility, to capture a fat image off of a machine, then you should be able to simply upload that to your JDS using Casper Admin.

Now, I will warn you that one of the problems with the JDS as it is currently built is that packages are first copied to the database before being copied over to the JDS. If you copy that 35gb image up using Casper Admin, I would suggest leaving Casper Admin open for a while (probably an hour or two) just to make sure the image gets copied over to the JDS from the database.