Staff altering user groups

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The inability to use Classes to assign apps to student iPads seems to be a large shortcoming, but to work around it, has anyone given staff members the right to create or edit Static User Groups? We have a program that rewards the student with and approved game if they earn it. The backend work on this for me to manually transfer from a spreadsheet to the JSS is becoming honorous.


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You could always map an ldap or AD attribute and have a smart group look for that change and then scope the game/games to that. Check this JNUC 18 session video out. He is doing something similar for his students who get placed on an "F" list.


As of Jamf Pro 10.16 you can create smart user groups based on most of Apple School Manager criteria. This should allow you to start scoping apps to classes if you so wish. We are going to try and transition to this method next year. Right now we are doing what @mainelysteve mentioned with LDAP assignments. It is difficult to manage though with so many students moving around our district and leaving/enrolling.